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Give me your Hand, my Sweet
They stare at each other, their hands clasped together before he gives a tentative smile which she answers, and they turn their heads forward and follow their lieges out in the open for the world to see; never unknown again, and their smiles are like a sun rising.

The Lord of the Rings
She knows that the ring around his finger isn't a gift from his mother, no matter what he says. She remembers far more than he knows, but it's a foul game she can't afford to lose. She also knows that the day he gives her the like of it is the day she will have to make the final move; she only hopes she will survive this time.

Like you'll never see me again
And he saves all her traces close to his heart; a thousand scribbled notes in a box together with a forgotten necklace, a memory of the smell of her neck in the mornings and a wish to never wake up alone at night.

He keeps his heart hidden in a golden box in a drawer in a room behind a locked door; if his heart can't be reached, it can't be broken and his chest is cold; no beating can be found tracing his body; yet it's not enough; when he meets the prince he finds his soul entwined with his all along, and far away, locked in a chest, his heart jump like that of a dying bird.

About making out
This is how she wants her life forever to be; feeling like the sparkling champagne they're drinking, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, hands in his hair, dancing eyes, kissing his nose, the corner of his mouth, nibbling his lower lip, their laugher never quite gone, His legs pressed in between hers as she leaned into the wall for support.

It was a ritual he found rather comforting; between princesses undying love and foes corrupting them until they even forgot their own names, cats that talked and superpowers, sitting together, drinking coffee without ever talking about how to save the world almost made him feel like a friend and not a guardian; feel like he lived a normal life.

"forever together was a dream, forever apart the unfortunate reality"
She felt the cool glass of the mirror against her palms, the chill sending shivers down her spine but she didn't look at her reflection; she knew it far to well; the dark circles were nothing she needed to see; his dark circles nothing she wanted to remember.

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