A Certain Miss

My name is a Certain Miss Ellen Dellen du von Essen or Lancelot du Lac or sometimes Selik.

18 years old, but I don't feel like it. I feel like some were in the wold, a small key is winding up time around me until it spins far to fast. The world is flashing by. I feel like I'm 14, still, even though time has passed. I feel far to young for all this. Or maybe I'm feeling old, I don't know.

As a child with four brothers, I can be very tomboyish. My room is like a stereotyped bachelor room. The mess there are to fear. I can also be a femme Spectacular; a lonely pair of pants lies unused in my closet while my dresses fills up my closet and my favorite movie all time must be Amelie.

The language swedish is what I prefer, norwegian is good to, english loved ( How can the sentence "These violent delights have violent ends; And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume." sound half as good in any other language?), spanish could be better and german both a hobby I never have enough time to learn.

I like to read, It is one of my passions. Favorite writers right now is Neil Gaiman, Jeanette Winterson, Michael Moorcock, Haruki Murakami, Guy Gavriel Kay, Maria Gripe and Virginia Woolf.

Whatever. I Like Belle and Sebastian, Bright Eyes, The Smiths, Kaizers Orchestra, The Magic Numbers and Disney soundtracks. I like bows and Superheroes, Sailor Moon Manga, the Moving Castle, the literary genre Magic realism despite it's bad reputation and drinking Champagne.

And writing of course. I want to improve my english. Hence this live journal. I'll probably write a lot of sailor moon fanfics.
And nobody I know has a live journal. And I don't get how it works. Well, whatever.

It's up now.
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